The Story On The WQS Mid-Haleiwa With Al Hunt

Men's ASP WQS prize money has hit US$4 million the same time as rated surfers hit 1,000.

At the completion of the PXM International Van's Pro held in perfect big surf at Puerto Escondido, which was won by local Angelo Lozano, we have exactly 1,000 rated members from 35 different countries that competed in 45 events with 38 different winners.

Of course all of them would have loved to had made the Top 15 that qualify for the 2009 ASP World Tour, but for the 985 that did not, I'm quite sure most have enjoyed the events they have been able to compete in this year and hopefully next year will see their final ratings even higher.

Only six surfers were able to clinch multiple wins this year and they were Nathaniel Curran (USA), Chris Davidson (AUS), Shaun Ward (USA), Pancho Sullivan (HAW), Adriano de Souza (BRA) and Wiggolly Dantas (BRA). No one more than two though unless they can win at either Haleiwa or Sunset.

For now though, all eyes are on Hawaii with just the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa down to the Round of 64 and Sunset around the corner left to end off the year for the WQSers.

Unfortunately, two of the current Top 15, Phil MacDonald and Simao Romao were eliminated in the Round of 96 at Haleiwa so those below still in the event can make up some serious points with a good result. Other surfers that were closing in and needed a good result that also lost in the Round of 96 are Jadson Andre, Raoni Monteiro, Heitor Alves, Shaun Cansdell, Shaun Gossman and Pablo Paulino. It's all down to a great result at Sunset now for these six guys.

Still in Haleiwa with a chance to make some ratings jump are Dustin Barca, Michel Bourez, Yadin Nicol, Jihad Kohdr and Kekoa Bacalso. Both Dustin and Kekoa have low 800 point throw aways to replace so one more round will see them jump a lot and a Quarterfinal or Semifinal should see them jump into the qualification area of around 11,500 points. As both Dustin and Kekoa have two low scores counting now, they have a double chance with the Sunset O'Neill World Cup still to go.

In the women's ASP WQS ratings, with the Reef Hawaiian Pro down to the Quarterfinal stages, we have outside the current Top 6 only Alana Blanchard (HAW), Claire Bevilaqua (AUS) and Coco Ho (HAW) challenging Bruna Schmitz (BRA) and Paige Hareb (NZL). Coco needs a win for any chance, Claire a second and Alana a Final. With Bruna still in the event one more round will see her overtake Paige Hareb.

So as of now, the Top 6 for 2009 are Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), Rebecca Woods (AUS), Jessi Miley-Dyer (AUS), Rosanne Hodge (ZAF), Paige Hareb (NZL) and Bruna Schmitz (BRA) with only Alana Blanchard a serious contender.

However, if Rebecca Woods, currently 9th on the ASP Women's World Tour ratings, and Jessi Miley-Dyer, 10th, hold their Top 10 ratings through the Roxy Pro at Sunset and Billabong Pro at Maui, they will not need the ASP WQS Top 6 spots opening it up to the next two in line, which could be Alana and Laurina McGrath. Rosey Hodge could also jump into a Top 10 spot meaning that Claire Bevilaqua still has a chance if she fails to get second or better at Haleiwa.

Unfortunately for this group of ASP WQS girls, once Haleiwa is over they still won't be sure if they are in or not until both Sunset and Maui events are run.

There will be plenty of action to come over the next few weeks here in Hawaii where the swell has ped today but looking to pick up mid week for a possible conclusion of the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa.