SKIN DEEP Hewy Sets New Skins Record at Treasure Chest Pro/Am

In the Colonial Days, specifically 1715, a fleet of Spanish galleons sailed from Havana, Cuba heavily laden with gold and silver. In route to their motherland the ships fell victim to a nasty hurricane off the East Coast of Florida sending all eleven ships to the ocean floor. The precious cargo was strewn off the coast from Melbourne to Stuart. Two hundred and ninety-two years later Quiksilver decided to plant a $10,000 bounty themselves along the Treasure Coast shores of Stuart Public Beach allowing eighty-eight "salvagers" to stake their claim.

"We got a runaway train" commented event director and Quiksilver East Coast Promo guy Matt Kechele – CLICK HERE FOR FULL EVENT PHOTOS

Held in 4 to 6 foot surf nearly 200 surfers entered both the Pro and the Amateur events at the Quiksilver Treasure Chest Pro/Am presented by Surf Central Surf Shop. The pro event was run as a skins format where a surfer needed to claim one wave by raising both hands in order to retain the score. A "skin" also earned the surfer $225 and advancement into another heat until he finally met defeat.

On Day One former WCT Pro Bryan "Hewy" Hewitson tallied six skins as well as the top four scores of the day. "We got a runaway train" commented event director and Quiksilver East Coast Promo guy Matt Kechele.

The surf dropped just slightly on the final day where New Smyrna Beach's Aaron Cormican started a roll of his own. His streak then ended when he faced Hewy and Ryan Briggs in heat 12. Although Gorkin tallied the two highest scores of the heat early in the game (a 7.2 and 6.93) he didn't claim either one of them in hopes finding a more satisfying digit. Seeing that Hewy was consistently posting 8's and 9's in his previous heats Gorkins reasoning was legit. With a little less than 2 minutes left in the heat Hewy claimed a lackluster 4.96 with Gorkin then following with a dismal 4.36. Adam Wickwire was the only other surfer in the running against Hewy but was knocked overboard by Delray Beach's Scott Posner.

Hewy then went on to win all his remaining heats breaking a record for most number of skins in a Quiksilver Skins event with 12, beating the previous held mark of 11 by CJ Hobgood. Hewy's Treasure Chest was also filled with $2700 of hard earned cash. Hopefully he made it to the bank before encountering any storms of his own.


Bryan Hewitson – 12 Skins $2700.00

Adam Wickwire -4 Skins $900.00

Aaron Cormican- 4 Skins $900.00

Travis Beckmann -3 Skins $675.00

Peter Mendia -3 Skins $675.00

Dannel Bonner -2 Skins $450.00

Brian Denning -2 Skins $450.00

Sean Bowman- 2 Skins $450.00

Ron Keindl -2 Skins $ 450.00

Denny Gelispie -1 Skin $225.00

Jensen Callaway-1 Skin $225.00

Jeremy Jonston 1 Skin $225.00

Justin Jones 1 Skin $225.00

Robert Rohmann 1 Skin$225.00

Wesley Ciche -1 Skin $225.00

Scotty Connel- Skin $225.00

Jon Leaf -1 Skin $225.00
Scott Posner -1 Skin $225.00