WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Five Minutes With Billabong Skybox Winner Cameron Knight

Before the Billabong Pro Tahiti started this past May, Orange County's Cameron Knight was going through his usual routine of picking his Fantasy Surfer team. On a whim he decided to enter the Billabong Skybox. By the end of the contest he was sitting in first place in the skybox, and as a result, walked away with one of Andy Irons' surfboards. We caught up with Cameron shortly after he'd picked up the board to get his thoughts on winning at Fantasy Surfer.

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How long have you been into Fantasy Surfer, and what got you involved in the first place?

I've been playing for two years. My friends told me about it, and since I've always watched the World Tour closely, and I'm competitive, I signed up.

Do you have any secrets to picking a team that you’d be willing to share?

Just the obvious, pay attention to the heat draw and look at last year's event results

What about dependable dark horse type guys, are there any that you always look at?

Yeah, Tim Reyes, Kai Otten, Ace Buchan

When it comes to juggling 8 surfers of differing value, what strategies do you have for managing your salary cap?

I usually keep the same top three guys all year, and then pick the rest of my team depending on the heat draws, and wave. Its always a good idea to have a lot of medium seeds because they don't have to surf against any top seeds till later in the event

Who are some surfers you’re keeping an eye on going into J-Bay?

Slater, Parko, Reynolds, Reyes

For somebody playing Fantasy Surfer for the first time, what would be your biggest recommendation?

Always have 8 guys on your team!

Finally, you won an Andy Irons board in the Billabong skybox, are you going to go shred on it the next south swell?

Nope, I'm gonna hang it above my office desk.