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Broken toes and new deals for Kelly Slater

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Over the weekend, Kelly Slater dropped some news on social media. The first post, which pertains to Kelly's broken toes, adds even more fuel to the World Title fire going into the Pipe Masters. "The good news…I'm gonna live," Slater said sarcastically, while posing with his doctor and an X-ray of his injured foot. "Bad news…a couple more weeks of recovery." Slater finished off with the hashtags #ImGettingAntsy, #MyBodyIsBeatUp, and #HopeHawaiiGoesFlatForAWhile.

A few weeks back, Slater broke two of his toes while surfing Cloudbreak, putting even more strain on his hopes for a 12th world title. He’s currently trailing Gabriel Medina and Mick Fanning in the world title race going into Pipe. The holding period for the Pipe Masters begins on Dec. 8, just over three weeks away, which could leave enough time for Slater to technically rehab for Pipe. However, it remains to be seen just what effect the injury will have on his ability to compete. Despite the injury, Slater's been adamant that he's still planning on surfing in the Pipe Masters.

In other Slater news, you'll recall that earlier this year, Kelly parted ways with longtime sponsor Quiksilver to start his own environmentally conscious brand, Outerknown. To evolve the brand, Slater's partnered with the Kering Group, a well-established player in the fashion world and the parent company for high-fashion brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent and surf brands Volcom and Electric. Because of the partnership, Slater said that he will become a brand ambassador for all of the Kering Group's labels that fit the 11-time world champ.

"The Kering Group is helping Outerknown in any way necessary and I've become a brand ambassador for any and all of their brands that makes sense for both of us," Slater posted on his Instagram. He went on to write that he'll be collaborating on projects with both Volcom and Electric, as well as representing a slew of other Kering brands. "I'll be working on surf-specific product with both Volcom and Electric Visuals and using Cobra/Puma golf gear while establishing Outerknown."