14 years is a long time to wait for a sequel. But judging from Logan Dulien's past film performances, Snapt 3—which premieres in a few days during the US Open of Surfing—will be worth the wait. A reminder: Snapt 2, Dulien's last movie, came out way back in 2004, and starred the heaviest of hitters at the time: Andy. Bruce. Fanning. Taj. It was fast and loose and most importantly, it was fun. After powering through a rough patch in his life, Dulien is back, with a new film, which you can watch by buying tickets to the world premiere at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA on August 4. Click play above to watch the latest trailer, and read on below to learn a little more about the film.

It's been almost 14 years since Snapt 2. Where'd you find the inspiration for this sequel?

I went down a dark path for awhile, and when I was pulling my life back together I fell back in love with surfing, and from there it happened pretty organically. I ran into Mason and Bruce and we started talking and things just fell into place. I started focusing all my energy towards this film. It seems like everyone is really into daily video content through platforms like Instagram but there aren't a lot of packaged films out there. Kai Neville has been doing it consistently and over the years you've gotten to see his group of guys, but aside from that, there aren't a lot of movies with variety and a unique cast.

And surfers like Bruce and Mason make for an entertaining movie.

Yeah, and then Bobby [Martinez] and Asher [Pacey] were onboard right from the beginning, which gave me a lot of confidence. From there I met Jack Robinson and his Dad, Trev, and they got behind it. After that everything just seemed to snowball, and then it all really progressed in the fourth quarter after releasing the first trailer in May.

Is it more part based or location driven?

It's full part based. It's pretty much the same as Snapt 1 and Snapt 2, which were based off the old Taylor Steele movies, with a little bit of …Lost vibes thrown in. We really wanted to keep things light and keep things fun, because that's what I think has been lost in surf movies recently. Everything seems so serious these days.

What's the highlight of the film for you?

The whole thing. It's been the most rewarding two years of my life. If I had to boil it down to a certain wave, Seth Moniz has a crazy clip that I've been floored about for a year. And the Moniz brothers part is sick. Then there's Bruce at Pascuales. Jack at home. Parker Coffin all over the globe. And the stuff Mason has been doing — he just honed down and filmed in Indo for a month, and pretty much put together a crazy section in that time. I'd say 40 percent of the film actually came together in the last two months. Things just started happening during crunch time.

It premieres on August 4th during US Open. What are the plans for the film from there?

We're gonna focus on premiering it the next few months. With it being independent we can take our time before putting it online. We have another premiere in Costa Rica on August 18th at Key Largo, and another one confirmed in Bali on September 23rd. But we're also mapping out more showings on the east and west coasts right now.