Somewhere Near Tapachula Turning Heads

Browsing the internet, I came across Wade Goodall’s new video blog where he asks the viewer, to decide where he goes next on his trip. His video of episode 2 is online, and him and Sterling went down to Tapachula, Mexico to surf and hang out with the orphans at Mision Mexico.

They went down there because of two Ozzie’s Jonno Durrant’s and Stefan Hunt’s recent video project called Somewhere Near Tapachula. Their first project, Surfing 50 States, was a small hit — but it made it into our Surfer Poll 2009 nominees. I caught up with Durrant via e-mail and asked him a few questions about Somewhere Near Tapachula. He was preparing to return to the  orphanage with donated boards from Bob Hurley and boardbags from Ocean and Earth.

How did Somewhere Near Tapachula come about?

Stefan and I knew each other from Church in Australia. We were talking about crazy travel ideas and we commented how crazy it would be to try and get to all 50 States…in 50 days. But, we quickly realized that would be no fun, we should just take our time and try to acomplish something in every state. When we were touring Surfing 50 States back in the US, we got an email from a volunteer for Mision Mexico who asked us to donate a DVD to the orphanage. Then Stefan decided he was escaping winter to volunteer there for a month with no plans to make a film. A few days after being there he was emailing me begging me to borrow some cameras and come and join him because he was so blown away by their story.

What has the response been to the film?

It’s been amazing – we raised $80,000 on the Australian tour we organized, and have since raised $20,000 in the States. This story is phenomenal, whether you are a surfer or not.

It's pretty rad that Wade Goodall and Sterling Spencer went down there. I bed the kids loved them and were really impressed with their surfing.

The kids love anyone coming down there and giving them a few surfing tips, so to have pro surfers come down is amazing for them. Cheyne Cottrell and Brian Noell came down when we were there and the kids were blown away. They are THE ONLY surfers for 100’s of miles around! Wade and Sterling had a blast and the kids loved them—some of the older kids are ripping now!

How can we help here in America?

They can either donate online –, or buy the Somewhere Near Tapachula DVD from which 100% of profits goes to the kids or . Then you are helping and you get a DVD!!

What's next for you and Stefan? Are you still planning on making films?

Surfing 28 States…India!