Thursday, January 13 2005- Earlier this week Santa Cruz City Council members agreed to pursue and trademark the name "Original Surf City USA". A move that officially throws down the gauntlet between two of California’s most recognized coastal communities: Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach (HB).

The Santa Cruz City Council decision follows just months after Huntington Beach City Council members trademarked the "Surf City USA" name in November of 2004. Apparently Santa Cruz residents were upset that Huntington Beach decided to legally appropriate the name when they had always considered themselves "Surf City."

“It makes us upset that they're trying to run away with the name when clearly Santa Cruz was always Surf City,” declared Santa Cruz Mayor Mike Rotkin, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinnel.

Huntington Beach, among other things, is home of the U.S. Open of Surfing, the International Surf Museum, and the Surfing Walk of Fame. Santa Cruz boasts, among other things, the Cold Water Classic, it’s own surfing museum in the lighthouse at Steamer Lane, and–let’s face it–much better surf.

This feud, “Moniker-gate” if you will, has been brewing for decades, and with the dispute now becoming ‘official’, we thought it best that the two cities duke it out in the surf via Brad Gerlach’s NSL The Game format.

While Orange County (OC) defeated Santa Cruz in a series of competitions while vieing for the NSL’s California Cup last summer, it wasn’t an official HB squad, but rather a blending of Orange Counties best.

We want Llamas Vs. Ruffo–let’s get it on!

With "Surf City U.S.A." and "Original Surf City U.S.A." already taken, it leaves one wondering which beach city will next lay claim to the title and what will that title be? Seal Beach — "OG Surf City U.S.A."?