Photo: Joli
Photo: Joli

Stephanie Gilmore Wins The 2017 Roxy Pro

Her sixth career victory at Snapper Rocks, her 25th career 'CT win

Not since 2014 had Steph Gilmore taken a world tour win, an uncharacteristic drought for the six-time world champion. But Gilmore officially reclaimed her home dominance and the yellow jersey at Snapper on Sunday after beating a determined Lakey Peterson in the finals of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, with a 16.60 score advantage over Peterson’s 12.66. Here’s what Gilmore had to say to the WSL commentating team after winning her sixth career victory at Snapper Rocks and her 25th career ‘CT victory.

On how it feels to be number one again:

I can't believe it. I visualized this event so much, all the way to holding the trophy. It feels so good, I can't believe it.

On winning at home:

It feels weird when a Coolie kid isn't down here [Laughs]. I'm so happy to have all the support from the guys and my friends. There's no better feeling than winning in your hometown.

On going to Margaret River wearing the yellow jersey:

I haven't had the color yellow for a while [Laughs]. It's going to feel so good. I can't wait to put that on. Just getting to win an event again was really cool. There was so much hard work. And you can't afford to make mistakes. You can't make events and make heats by lucking through it. You have to put in that extra time and that extra effort. It feels really rewarding to me. Lakey and all of the girls were shredding. In the last dying seconds, Lakey could always get a 9.77. It was just one of those heats where, in the whole event, you never know what you're going to get, so you just have to be on your game.

On winning a world title:

Snapper is just one event. It's so far from now. But like they say, the stats are pretty good when you win here first, and you go on to do pretty well in the world title race. We'll see what happens, but I'd love to win another title.

On Gold Coast fans:

They are amazing. They're here in the rain, the sun. They're here in the dark, first thing in the morning. Every single time you're walking down the beach, they're cheering for you. It's just the greatest feeling in world. You've felt like you've won the heat before you've even paddled out. I'd like to thank everyone for tuning in and watching. It feels so good. I'm so happy.

[Title Photo: Joli]