It's no secret; cell phone use has become an obnoxious interrupter in the most unseemly of locations: in the car, at dinner, even at church or temple or in the mosque. It seems nowhere is too holy for the almighty digital age – not even the barrel. Or so thinks Sterling Spencer.

Last week a shot of the Gulf Coaster filtered through the SURFER offices that takes cell phone usage to a new level. In it, Spencer is fully shacked in Mexico while locked into a conversation on his new waterproof cell phone. The image bore some explanation.

"I was talking to my woman at home," said Spencer. "She didn't believe me at first; I actually hung up on her cause it was barreling so hard I didn't want to fall and lose the phone…All we talked about was that we couldn't believe I'm in Mexico, on a phone, talking while surfing. Bizarre…the reception was good actually, other than crashing waves in the background."

According to cell phone studies recently made public by the Center for Auto Safety, motorists talking on cell phones are about four times as likely to crash as other drivers. We can only expect the trend to crossover into surfing…

Said Spencer, "Everyone is gonna have their cell phones out surfing soon…Wait, hold on…Sorry dude, I was texting."

Look Mom! I’m filming myself surfing, with a camera phone… from jarrod Tallman on Vimeo.