Stiller / Malloy Collaboration Swells into 'Big Wave'

Big wave surfing may have just taken a turn for the hilarious. Yes, funnier even than Brad Gerlach. And no, Laird Hamilton hasn't hired a comic coach.

According to a Reuters story filed Thursday, Ben Stiller is set to produce "Big Wave", a surfing comedy based on his own idea with 20th Century Fox.

Reuters describes the movie as such:
"The story follows the world's greatest big wave surfer who, after being sidelined for years following a traumatic wipeout, decides to surf again in order to save a convalescent home for old surfers."

Need we say more?

True, the bar for Hollywood surf projects has been set underwhelmingly low, but surfers Brendan and Emmett Malloy (yes, of those Malloys) will be directing what promises to be a cult classic, if not a box office hit. With a recent spate of surf scripts being sold and surf stories being optioned, a nice dash of comedy could be just what we need.