It's a Thursday afternoon in the heart of Honolulu and a new south swell is filling in along the reefs of Ala Moana. Across the street at Ward Village, tucked inside the iconic mid-century IBM Building, a mix of surfers, art lovers and party-goers are gathering for the debut of a vintage photo and board design exhibit paying homage to three pivotal decades of Honolulu surf history and a special screening of Crystal and Dave Homcy's critically acclaimed film, “Beyond the Surface”. Some of Oahu’s most iconic surf figures, including Randy Rarick, Derek Ho, Glenn Pang, and Mark Cunningham, as well as more than 150 surf fans showed up to revel in the images and designs of bygone eras that helped shape the Town surf scene.

Focused on the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, the exhibit, under the banner of “The Summer Slide“, showcases the work of three leading lensmen of each period—David Darling, Steve Wilkings, and the late Warren Bolster. Housed inside Ward Village's ground floor, the free exhibit takes the viewer on a tour through the decades. From the moody black-and-white moments of Ala Moana in the early ’60s, to the devil-may-care attitude and flair of the '70s and the vibrant colors and personas of the ’80s, magic moments in surf history abound around every corner of the exhibit.

Opening attendees perusing Oahu’s storied surfing past.

To boot, The Summer Slide exhibit also features a board design component that allowed three pivotal Oahu-based shapers an opportunity to reimagine an iconic design from each of the three decades portrayed. With boards cut by the likes of Toots Anchinges, Bret Marumoto, and Town & Country's Glenn Pang, viewers of the exhibit can see just how rapidly board design changed throughout each of these eras. Each board shaped felt as much akin to a work of art as it did a craft to wax up and ride.

"It's a super fun exhibit and it's rad being able to walk back in time and see the evolution of the sport," said Tyler Rock, North Shore photographer. "It's crazy to see how some things have changed so dramatically, while others haven't. I love how some things never go out of style: and an empty lineup at Ala Moana is definitely one of those things."

Following the official opening of the exhibit to the public, attendees gathered in the courtyard of the building for a packed screening of Dave and Crystal Homcy's film, “Beyond the Surface”. Ward Village will also be screening two more films in the coming weeks: “Given” on July 12 and “Bella Vitta” on July 19, all for free.

If you’re itching for a surf movie night or just want to appreciate a bit of Oahu surf history, head down to Ward Village before it closes on July 27. Click here for more info.

A packed house for the screening of “Beyond the Surface” on opening night.