SUPER SURFBOARDS: Grom Heroes Launch Their New Board Company

"I just got a new Merrick last week."

"Nice, I'm ordering a rounded pin from JS when I get the cash."

"I don't think I'll ever surf anything but Cordell boards again."

Comments like these are common claims when dealing with surfboards and design – and understandably so. Without the shaper, no surfboard exists. Super Surfboards, however, an upstart headed by grom-heroes Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, Kolohe Andino, and Tosh Townend, plants a cog in the surfboard company business model with a new approach to the business of surfboards manufacturing. For SUPER Surfboards, the surfboards are all about the surfers.

"The idea is more about branding around the rider instead of around the shaper like in skateboarding," says professional skater and one of the four founding riders/partners in the SUPER Surfboards Team, Tosh Townend. The model has seen success in a similar context, so naturally Tosh and his crew are excited about transferring a skate-based idea to the surf world.

"Each surfer has their own board, art, and dimensions, and we’re all very happy with them," says Aussie team rider, Dion Agius. "Now you can go out and buy the Clay Marzo model and throw hacks like Clay or get the Kolohe model if you’re a grom. Kids can finally have the boards of the guys they want to emulate."

"I think some old shapers will be pissed,” says Agius, referring to the mentality of companies with a more rider-centric business model. “But we just want everyone to be stoked on this.” While shapers may be a bit reluctant to stamp their endorsement, the guys broadcast a strong sense of humor on the whole ordeal. Says Townend, “Just consider our name: Super Surboards.”

"We don’t take ourselves too seriously," says Agius. "We’re all about having a good time, and we want kids to be stoked on this. With us, it’s not some 50-year-old in a suit and tie saying, ‘I think this is what kids like. Do this.’ With SUPER, we are actually the ones making decisions."

Super Surfboards should be available in surf shops around the country within the next two months, so save up and practice your inverted frontside hacks – the Marzo model is waiting.