Laura Enever Interview

The Australian preps for her final event of the year in Oceanside

Laura Enever, en route to her season finale. Photo: Ellis

This weekend there is a surf contest in Oceanside. There's a good chance you haven't heard of it. And if you have, there's a good chance you laughed, because it's called the Supergirl Pro. But this year there's a reason to take note: First, it was recently upgraded to an ASP 6-Star event, meaning it's the biggest women's event--and only 6-star--on U.S. soil. Plus, most of the Top 17 ASP World Tour surfers will be surfing in it, so if you're a fan of females you'll be able to get a much closer view than you did at the U.S. Open last week (imagine Huntington without the Sharpie-defaced youth and hordes hopped up on energy drinks). And lastly, Ms. Laura Enever will be competing. She stopped by before the event (her last of the ASP season) to talk contests.

Congrats, you finished off your second World Tour season ranked 8th, two spots up from your rookie finish last year. How did this year compare to 2011?

I learned so much last year that I took into this season. I started this year really well, going for the title--as we all do--and either equaled or bettered every single one of my results this year. I was pretty much safe halfway through the year, so it took pressure off and I didn't really have to go to the other 'QS events and I could just stay home and train. I saved my time and was just able to focus on the Tour. Last year I needed a result at the U.S. Open to re-qualify, and this year it felt really good to be safe and know that I was going to be on the 2013 World Tour.

So if you don't need to do 'QS events to re-qualify, why are you doing the contest this weekend?

Well I'm already here, and I think it'll be a good event. Also, it's so cool to have a sponsor like Paul Mitchell involved in it. I'm sure it's going to open doors, and I think a couple of the girls are connected to it [the Paul Mitchell brand] already, so that's incredible. I mean, to have a company like that come in, it's perfect--our hair is so damaged by the salt and sun [laughs]. I think most of the girls are doing the event. I think a few of the girls are heading home, but most are in it. The Supergirl was a Junior last year, so this is my first time doing the event. I got down there yesterday, and it reminds me of Huntington, but just not as crazy. I see the pier and think I'm back there. This morning was really fun down there. And on Sunday and yesterday afternoon it was so glassy.

Laura Enever, looking to be a more dangerous competitor in her sophomore season. Photo: Joli

After Saturday you're done with contest season. Are you bummed it’s over so soon?

No, I'm so excited. There are no Hawaii events, so this is my last event of 2012. Really, it's a relief in a way. I'm going to go home in a couple weeks, then go to Bali with the family just for a holiday, and then go have a holiday on Maui, and then Mexico for a trip. After that we're pretty much in October and then in a couple months the Tour will start again. I'll probably just keep doing trips, train, work on my boards, and just see what happens. I guess right now it’s all open. I think a six-month break is great--the best opportunity to do things out of the water as well. I love the fact that I have more passions outside of surfing and that with the girls tour ending halfway through, we have time to do all that. As for next year, we don't know yet what's going on with the ASP schedule...and I guess we probably won't know until a couple weeks before Snapper! [Laughs.]

Alright, so tell us why we should care about female competitive surfing.

Why not? I think everyone is realizing that women's surfing is in the most exciting place it's ever been. I mean, Lakey Peterson won the last event. All the rookies coming through are making semis and finals in most events. And then the younger girls still coming up are just getting better and better. Hopefully we can just make our Tour a bit more prestigious and get more sponsors and have more exposure, then I think we're balling! I mean everyone on Tour is so marketable right now, personality-wise and looks and everything. The Tour is in a really good spot, so who knows what will happen. We'll just have to see. I'm not worried.

Go watch Laura Enever and the rest of the 80 competitors this Thursday through Saturday at the Oceanside Pier. For more info, click here.