In light of Bobby Martinez’ recent decision to sell his ’06 Mundaka trophy on eBay, I thought I’d see what other great surf-related items are for sale. Here’s just a sampling of the thousands of the items desperate consumers are willing to give up in these sorry economic times:

Yep, it’s rare. picture-9

As much as American surfers would love to conclude that our shaka-throwing President surfs, he doesn’t. But Bobble Barack does.


She surfs, too. It’s an ad. From a magazine. It’s $10.picture-13

Yes, that’s right, it’s the hamster surfer and sleep dome you’ve been searching for all your life.picture-15

The free surfboard stir-sticks from the bar, for only $10. picture-14



Yes, that IS a CARDBOARD logo. No, this person isn’t kidding.picture-8

Ken’s tan now. He surfs.picture-18