SURF BOOK: Book Signing Party Bigger Than P- Diddy's, Oh My

Over the weekend the typically haughty Hamptons east of New York City hosted a book signing for Joel Tudor and Michael Halsband's recent release, Surf Book. The book, a 240-page behemoth, is a collaboration between Halsband and inimitable style-master Tudor. The pair appeared pleased with the event, elatedly signing copies for Hampton and city locals as people stood in line.

The night culminated in a party that, according to OP marketing execs, "was the coolest party in the Hamptons in the last few years, including Puffy's and Russell Simmons'." Notable guests included Jimmy Buffet, Roger Waters and Kelly Klein. Halsband was clearly touched by the support, gushing, "I couldn't have expected the kind of warmth and love that filled that space that night. Six years — the work, the pain — and it all came back in one moment…powerfully. It took me aback, the way the people — and they weren't like nobodies — showed such support…they realized how important this was. It was the best party in the Hamptons in years." Tudor echoed his sentiments, telling the press: "The whole time, I was blown away. Six years working (on this project) and then to look up and see Jimmy Buffet…I almost crapped my pants."

The unlikely pair was introduced by a mutual friend and began work on the six-year-long project after they formalized their vision. The peregrination led them all over the world and resulted in a beautifully formatted pictorial archive of their journey.

This party may or may not have been bigger than Puffy's, but really, we a have sneaking suspicion that you don't care. The important part of the weekend is the final product, a book that reflects who we are. Hurricane Irene on the other hand, now that's a party we'd all like to crash.