For surfers, cars are a vital piece of ancillary equipment. Like where we live, or the types of jobs we pursue, the reasons we choose what we do are entirely based around one thing: how it affects our ability to go surfing.

1950 Sunset Special

Surfers have always used whatever they could get paws on to get them to the beach. The Bomber was the sign of what was to come. Usually a ’30 or ’40s American built machine it took a sturdy car to get those 80 pound boards to the beach.
Honorable Mention: ’38 Ford Model T

1955 Woody

For generations the Woody has been the symbol of surf transportation. Even with a couple of boards hanging out the back these boats were big enough to pack up the kids, the dog and a picnic for a summer day at San O’.
Honorable Mention: 1940s era International bread truck

1960 Ford F-150

Trucks are handy to have around, especially if you’re throwing wet boardshorts and a longboard in the bed. As surfers became more mobile the F-150 stepped up to be the surfer’s truck of choice.
Honorable Mention: Nomad wagon

1965 56 Chevy Wagon

The ’56 Chevy is a classic anyway you slice it. The power and dependability enchanted surfers. Never one to shy away from looking cool, they were also drawn to the ’56 Chevy because of it’s good looking street style.
Honorable Mention: Mercury Comet Wagon