Listened to Your Surfing Lately?

Main Entry: dance
Pronunciation: ‘dan(t)s, ‘d[a’]n(t)s
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): danced; danc·ing
Etymology: Middle English dauncen, from Old French dancier
intransitive senses : to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner

Surfing is dancing. Notice I didn't say it is "like" dancing, I said it "is" dancing. Granted, some of us slow dance, some slam dance, some break dance, and some surf like the drunken uncle you often see in wedding videos grooving to "YMCA". However your dance moves manifest themselves on the wave, it is your dance –it is distinctly your dance and it is a very personal exhibit.

When you surf, you do so according to the rhythm of the wave. Congruently, when you dance in the traditional sense– to music–you move your body according to the music’s rhythm. Here's the connection: music, in its purest scientific form, is constructed of waves–audio waves to be exact. Be it dancing as we know it in the contemporary sense, or surfing, waves dictate your movement.

Herein lies the reason that surfing with music is not only really fun, it makes sense. When you cut loose with your dance, whether it is surfing J-Bay or doing the Funky Chicken at a kegger, you move your body according to waves–audio waves, or, wind-generated waves.

I first started surfing with my iPod Mini (using a housing I received from H2OAudio) two months ago. Today I don't surf without it. Imagine yourself flying down the line, wrapping cutbacks, charging around sections, and generally laying out your mojo while grooving to your favorite beats! Let me tell ya, I don’t say this lightly: It's AWESOME. Surfing and tunes go together like Laverne and Shirley, like fish and tacos, like surf mags and toilets—it's no secret, they're made for each other!


Listen to the editor’s sample playlist: Click Here Now!

I'm so fired up with my waterproof woofers that I often let others give it a try. The result is always the same. Ecstatically my new best friend beams across at me and asks emphatically, "Where can I get one of those?" The answer is simple,

For a limited time H2OAudio has been generous enough to give away one iPod housing per week.

To win a housing simply send an email to:

  • Include a five (5) song playlist with song, band, and genre.
  • Include your name, your age, and your sex
  • Include your mailing address (in case you win!)
  • Include other water sports you participate in.

Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Your playlist will be judged based upon the playlist's variety. That is, we don't want to see a playlist that consists of all reggae songs or all Scorpions tunes. The more diverse your playlist, the better your chances of striking a chord with our judging panel. Additionally, winning playlists will be shown on the homepage for a day.

Here's one of my five song playlists:
1) Moonlight Mile- Rolling Stones –70s Album rock
2) Two Minutes To Midnight – Iron Maiden -Metal
3) Narrabeen – Andrew Kidman – Folk Surf Groove
4) Marcus Garvey – Burning Spear – Reggae
5) Highway in the Sun – Kohala – Hawaiian Surf