38-Year-Old Gregory Gladstone Found Dead at 15th Street

Lifeguards Found Body Nearby Floating Board

At 9:50 AM on Saturday morning, Gregory Gladstone, 38, was found floating and motionless next to his surfboard near 15th street in Newport Beach. Gladstone was pronounced dead after emergency officials reached him and transported him to Hoag hospital. The surf was said to be around the 6-foot mark and the cause of death is not yet known. An autopsy is scheduled for later in the week.

Details surrounding what happened to Gladstone remain hazy but the OC Register released a story on their website quoting Newport-based photographer Tom Cozad about the incident.

"He [Gladstone] drifted to the south, and that’s why no one saw him. There was a glare. Everyone got on their cell phones. A lifeguard swam to the man, and then a paddleboarder," Cozad said.

According to a report on KTLA, "Surfers had previously reported a board floating off 15th street, and lifeguards found the body nearby...Gladstone was unresponsive in the water, and lifeguards put him on a patrol boat and took him back to the pier, where Newport Beach firefighters and paramedics met them."

Our hearts go out to Gladstone's friends and family.