GET PUMPED UP! The Election That Really Matters, SURFER Poll 2008, Is Upon Us

It's quiet today at the Grove of Anaheim. The best surfers in the world haven't arrived yet. Some are still on planes, completing trips from far corners of the world. Some are warming up at Trestles before they descend on Lowers for the Boost Mobile Pro. Some are making the standard Southern California rounds—using their time here at the center of the surf industry to catch up with their sponsors, swing by the mags, and see friends. And some are just cruising, regrouping before tradeshows and movie premiers and events. That's why the Grove is quiet. That's why there are no limos, flash bulbs, TV cameras, musical acts, red carpets, or busy bartenders.

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But that's only for now. The surf world's version of election night, an event that 13-time SURFER Poll winner Kelly Slater called "the best night in surfing," is less than a week away. The speeches, the awards, the music, and the largest assembly of surfing's most influential people is about to take its 36th annual pass through Southern California. So be ready.

Below, is a guide to the evening. An outline, in a sense, of the SURFER Poll and Video Awards—a series of highlights you can expect to see if you log on to for our live webcast and coverage. Thanks to all the readers who voted. Now tune in to see the results:


Your favorite surfers. Plus: hosts Sal Masekela and Benji Weatherly; musical guest Mickey Avalon; guest presenters Matt Hoy, Sunny Garcia, and Bruce Brown; surf film stars and filmmakers from the best movies of 2007-2008; oh, and a bunch of drunk people.


• The SURFER Poll: Based on our readers' votes, we announce the 10 most popular male and five most popular female surfers in the world.

• The Video Awards: Awards for achievements in surf cinema, including Best Performance, Breakthrough Filmmaker, Worst Wipeout, Best Documentary, and Movie of the Year.

• Agent of Change: Presented to the surfer who's had a positive impact on the world at large in 2008.

• Breakthrough Performer: Presented to the surfer who has made the most significant career advancement in 2008.

• Plus: Live music from Mickey Avalon, the SURFER Poll skits in all their glory, exclusive red carpet interviews, and all the acceptance speeches you can handle.


The Grove of Anaheim, CA. We understand if you can't make it—that's why it'll also be broadcast live on


7:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 9, 2008. The live webcast, hosted by Pete Mel and Chris Mauro, starts on the red carpet and doesn't stop until the show is done.

And The Video Nominees Are…

Coors Heavy Water Award

• Garrett McNamara / Out There
• Mark Mathews / Sessions
• Ian Walsh / The Life
• Shane Dorian / Out There

Worst Wipeout

• Raimana Van Bastolaer / Out There
• Garrett McNamara / Out There
• Mark Healey / The Life
• Maya Gabeira / Second To None
• Andrew Mooney / Sessions

Best Tube Ride

• Kalani Chapman / Second To None
• Yadin Nicol / Life As A Movie
• Ricky Basnett / The Pursuit
• Cory Lopez / The Life
• Timmy Reyes / The Life

Best Female Performance

• Bethany Hamilton / Walking On Water
• Stephanie Gilmore / Somewhere
• Jessi Miley-Dyer / Somewhere
• Sarah Gerhardt / One Winter Story
• Maya Gabeira / Out There

Best Male Performance

• Dane Reynolds / Dude Cruise
• Clay Marzo / Just Add Water
• Bruce Irons / Dude Cruise
• Jordy Smith / The Life
• Mick Fanning / Lightning Strikes

Best Maneuver

• Dane Reynolds / Dude Cruise
• Dion Agius / Behind The Black Curtain
• Dane Reynolds / Dude Cruise
• Pat Gudauskas / The Pursuit
• Clay Marzo / Just Add Water

Best Cinematography

• Just Add Water
• Out There
• Under The Sun
• Waterman
• Walking On Water

Best Documentary

• Surfwise
• Bustin' Down The Door
• Between The Lines
• Under The Sun
• Archy

Movie Of The Year

• Just Add Water
• Out There
• Dude Cruise
• Surfwise
• Bustin’ Down The Door