PERFECT LANDING Dustin Cuizon Wins T&C/SURFER Magazine Air Invitational

If you ask the competitors entered in this summer’s T&C/SURFER Magazine Air Invitational, they’ll all tell you that maybe a little more wind would probably have improved their chances at getting ‘up there’ a little longer . But no one was complaining, if for just the reason there were waves, period. It’s been a good early summer for south shore surf and since June can be pretty iffy, the surfers entered were ready to rocket it as high as wave faces would
launch them.

The Air Invitational, a special event within the annual T&C Surf Grom Contest, is now a fixture of the Waikiki/Queens surf event scene, staged immediately after the State Championships. This year’s winner, Dustin Cuizon, looked still in a mild state of shock, even after the awards were presented. His girlfriend was in attendance for the event, soon to give birth to their second child. The win was Dustin’s second in seven years at the Invitational; the first trophy came his way when he was still a

Dustin’s winning scores came from his ability to land
his aerials, something that the other competitors found a struggle to complete. No worries though, as he’ll need the $1,000 first place check for a pretty good supply of diapers for their little one. Let’s see, then there’s the baby toys and an extra mouth to feed and…….

2. DEREK WONG – Honolulu
4. TYLER CRAWFORD – Big Island