SURFER Backyard BBQ Challenge

This year was all about the BBQ on the North Shore. Not only is the backyard BBQ the place to whet your appetite with delicious food, it's also where you get to know the people that make the Triple Crown happen.

“Any day is a good day for a BBQ on the North Shore,” says North Shore master-griller Reef McIntosh. “It doesn't really matter what I cook. I could BBQ for days on end. Rain or shine.”

We took Reef’s advice and hosted the First Annual SURFER Backyard BBQ Challenge. From five-star cuisine to dance-offs with Occy, we don’t regret our decision for one second. Honestly, we can’t wait for next year. Here’s a recap of what went on behind the grill.

View an extended photo gallery from the 2008/09 BBQ Challenge here.

Body Glove/Jack’s Surfboards: Iron Chef Award

The Body Glove and Jacks crew took the cake. With twenty pounds of fresh blue-fin sashimi, homemade paella, Morroccan beef, and baklava purchased in Waikiki during a flood – they ensured that all corners of the Earth were represented in this meal. Special thanks to Ron of Jack’s and the cooking crew for making it happen. We’re trying to get the recipes for his menu, but he says it’s top-secret.

  • When Cheyne Magnusson’s not diving and spear-fishing he's itching to start surfing more big-wave spots. "I've always considered myself a small-wave surfer," said Magnusson, "but next time big swells hit Todos, I really want to be there."

  • Body Glove team rider Alex Gray was putting himself out there this season. Check out his monster session at Off The Wall here. If you stayed on the North Shore for three months strictly to charge, you'd probably be out there too…or maybe not.

Matix and DVS Crews: Southern Hospitality Award

The DVS/Matix house was packed with boys from the South. Between the steak and the story they made us feel right at home. Thanks to Brandy Faber and Kevin Dunlop for opening up their Pipe house for us.

  • Zander Morton and Gabe Kling revealed the truth behind their North Shore injuries. Said Zander, "It's crazy with the Internet how things just snowball. My mom called me and said she heard I broke my jaw and Gabe broke his arm. I was like, ‘We're fine, mom.’"

  • Cory Lopez talked us through his expedition to Africa. "The footage and the photos don't even do this wave justice. It's the best wave I've ever surfed," said Lopez.

  • Gabe Kling celebrated his requalification to the ASP World Tour.

Rip Curl: Party Down Award

Rip Curl blew the roof off their dream pad for long-time athletic trainer, Matt Griggs, going-away party.

  • Occy celebrated by winning a string of dance-offs and Fanning hopped on the table in true form to toast Griggsy in song. Everyone was amped.

  • Quote of the night: "How could I have gotten all of those 33rds without the world's best trainer?" – Ricky Basnett toasting Rip Curl's trainer, Matt Griggs, during his send off party

    Volcom: We Will Rock You Award

    When Pipe Masters ends, who throws the most rocking party in Oahu? Volcom. Every time. This time they did it with interplanetary rockers Valient Thorr in the lawn.

    Reef: Most Famous House Award

    When you ante up for one of the best houses on the North Shore you deserve some recognition. Used in the Boarding House Show with Sunny Garcia on MTV, we were bbq’ing in style.

    • Surprise Guest of the night: Ross Williams. On the comeback trail and ready to travel, be on the lookout for Ross this year.

    • Best couple host: Heath Walker and wife, Shannon, cooked up the best mashed potatoes on the North Shore and made sure we stayed in line.

    • Suggestion for next year: bring REEF girls and you will win for sure.

    Editor’s Note:Thanks to all for having us over and feeding us North Shore style during the winter. We look forward to next year!