The SURFER Holiday Guide

I hate shopping. In fact, instead of shopping, I'm procrastinating by writing this gift advice column. One week left. Below are some great gifting ideas for the surfer on your list. By the way, it is more than likely your surfer has been naughty. Don't let that deter you.


For The Love – Test your visual literacy with Kelly Slater's autobiographical image driven book. Slater's perspective, with the help from Aussie scribe Phil Jarratt, is insightful, intriguing and sincere. For The Love is must have for all Slater fans, and we all must be Slater fans, right? If you're not a Slater fan, this book may change your mind.
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The Surfers Journal – The shining light of surf culture. This cleanly designed, glossy magazine (6x a year) delves deep into the hearts of surfers and jolts all four chambers with pure stoke. A barometer of surf culture and a path for lost souls, while SURFER remains the Bible of the sport, The Surfers Journal is the hymnal for those who rejoice in the church of ridden wave; more at home tucked inside the pew next to your devotional Frye Double Eagle than crumpled up next to the toilet. This year, I treated myself to this gift.
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Musica Surfica – This film melds Derek Hynd's friction free finless surf event at King Island with Richard Tongnetti's incredible and inspiring violin. An award winner at the New York Surf Film Fesitval, buy this film for the surfer in your life willing to look beyond the conventional. Should include all of us.
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The Pursuit – The latest and greatest action packed surf porn for the grom on your list who should be surfing instead of thinking about girls. This flick will keep your teen ripper right minded and with wax in his hand instead of tissue.
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Between The Lines – This image driven coffee table book presents a seldom seen look into the lives of surfers during the tumultuous era surrounding the Vietnam War. This is a unique book with many never before seen images straight from the surfers themselves. Published by Headline Graphics in conjunction with the documentary film of the same name. I made the movie, not this book, and I do not profit from your generous gift, at least not directly. Purchase this gift - click here


Baja Adventure Maps from National Geographic – Highly detailed with the most up-to-date road info. The adventure maps are water resistant and tear-proof. But you won't be crying because the surf spots and golf courses are clearly defined (my favorite characteristic). Did I mention you can't rip the maps? Another great feature is all the federally protected areas are clearly marked, just part of the informative design. Maps get you dreaming and the surfer on your Santa list will quickly forget all about you as he maps out next summers expedition.
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DestinationSurf Travel Bag – Owned and operated by hardcore surfer Aaron Smith, Destination Surf will have your surfer in need completely set up. From leashes to travel resin to a complete range of board bags, Smith and his crew will have your salty loved one and his salty loved one (his board) covered.
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Steel Core Straps – Unsurpassed security for the surfer on your list. Thieves. They're real. Many smoke ice, have long dirty fingernails and live with enabling grandmothers that often need a shower themselves. And the thieves want surfboards. Trust me. Thank goodness for my steel core straps. Yeah, the scumbags cut through the nylon... but they didn't get through the STEEL! Dirty Mo*#@F*#kers! Buy your surfer in need these great racks and chalk one up for the good guys. Not just a gift, an investment.
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Wax – Bubble Gum or Matunas or legendary Purple Label Sex Wax. Find out your surfer's favorite and stuff away. Actually, just buy a case or two and leave it below the stocking (add a case of Stone Ale while your at it). You can buy this (the wax that is) at your local hardcore surf shop. If the owner of this so-called surf shop doesn't surf or shape surfboards, no matter what they tell you, you are not in a surf shop. Turn around quickly before they up-sell you into a kayak or GPS or, God forbid, Ugg boots.

Tide Books – Boy so much to say, I don't know where to start. Your surfer will peruse this insightful literature for hours on end. He'll look and re-look hoping that perhaps the data will change. Best of all, these amazing annals of astronomical insight should be free of charge! If they are not free of charge, you are in one of those retail outlets masquerading as a surf shop. Turn and flee.

Local Shaping Legend – Don't really stuff the shaper dude in your surfer's stocking, instead put a custom order card from the legend shaper into the stocking. Your surfer will wake up Christmas morn, drinks (that’s right, drinks) a Stone Pale Ale and fill out the custom order card to his liking. Only allow him to drinks one Stone, or his custom order card will be in jeopardy of getting all doodled up …and crap.


Patagonia Active Classic Boxers – Underwear. There, I said it. Simply the softest most comfortable under garments known to mankind. You know who wears these? The bearded dude on those XX Dos Equis commercials, you know, the guy who is quite simply the most interesting man in the world. He doesn't always wear boxers, but when he does he prefers Patagonia Active Classic Boxers. Enough said.
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Santa Cruz Surfers Board Builders Guild Tee Shirts – Handcrafted surfboards. We all love them. Let the surfer on your list profess his love of foam flying finesse with these cool as tee's from the lads in the southern portion of Nor Cal.
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Clark Foam Special Edition Christmas Tee – For years the Grubster handed these out to loyal customers (how could you not be?) during the holiday season. Long sleeve and forest green only, the surfer on your list will be warmer and look cooler.
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