IS IT A SIGN? Surfing Is Everywhere

Twelve miles north of Huachuca City, Arizona in the middle of a sandy, tumbleweed-combed stretch of desert sits a sliver of highway adopted in loving memory of Eddie Aikau and Mark Foo.

The sign juts from parched ground and modestly informs passersby of its support for two legendary big-wave riders, but as one surfer, (who brought this road sign to our attention) so clearly articulated, "Most people who are driving by it are probably asking, 'Who the hell are Eddie Aikau and Mark Foo!'"

Which reminds me of two things. First, surfing is truly becoming omnipresent. As Scott Bass' editorial on Hollister's (attempted) infiltration into the surf market demonstrates, people feel passionate about the democratization of surf culture – meaning public accessibility to surf chic, regardless of experience, authenticity, or knowledge is a hot button topic.

Regardless of what exactly surfing's omnipresence means, when you’re bobbing through the desert on a cross-country trip, and you're about to doze off, and an Eddie Would Go billboard pops your eyes over the steering wheel – you become well aware that surfing is everywhere.

Which brings me to the sign’s second reminder: This sign is cool. And we want to see more of them so send us pictures of your favorite surf-related road signs. That way no matter how far from the ocean we might get, we’ll never be lost.