Welcome back to The People’s Board Review, a board test series in which unsponsored, relatable rippers test out the latest surfboard designs and offer their unfiltered take. For this review, we put three different Surftech collaborations – boards designed by world-class shapers, then constructed with unconventional materials and processes for enhanced performance and durability – in the hands of four surfers to test out in clean, shoulder-high conditions at a typical California beach break. The craft included the “Untitled” by Haydenshapes, an honest-to-god rip stick with a friendly amount of foam; the “Twin Fin”, a (you guessed it) two-finned craft by Channel Islands that functions as a great all-arounder; and the “Modern 2”, a down-the-line, more classic twin shape from Sharp Eye.

Here’s what you need to know about the “Modern 2”, a gorgeous, speedy craft to kill those summer doldrums:

The Gist:
A classic MR-style twin outline paired with modern concave, rails and an optional trailer fin, the “Modern 2” offers the kind of down-the-line speed you’d expect from a traditional, stubby twin fin, but with a little more control and hold in the face. While it was designed by Sharp Eye shaper Marcio Zouvi to be a small-wave board for high-flyer Filipe Toledo, it’s definitely more of an alternative-style groveler than a performance blade, and the “Modern 2” would fit nicely into any quiver in need of a chest-high-and-under board. According to Tester #1, who is 6-feet tall, 150 lbs. and rode the “Modern 2” in 5’6” x 19.75” x 2.5” 29.6L, “It paddled well and got into waves. I’d definitely say it’s more cruisy. It’d be a great board at a pointbreak, but it still worked well out here.” Surftech took this Sharp Eye design and constructed it with their Fusion Poly technology, which takes a classic polyurethane foam blank and adds a more durable epoxy lamination and deck patch, giving the board strength and keeping that familiar PU feel without making it too heavy. All testers rode this model with an optional trailer fin.

Speed: 6.7/10
With less drag beneath the board, twin-fins are built for speed, and the “Modern 2” is no exception. “I really like the speed,” says Tester #3, who is 5’10” and 180 lbs., but also rode the 5’6” version of the “Modern 2”, proving that it packs plenty of forgiving foam into its small package. “The last couple years, my go-to board has been a twin-fin, so I’m pretty familiar with this type of design. This is a board I’d be stoked to have in my quiver.”

"Modern 2" by Sharp Eye with Surftech's Fusion Poly technology.
Photo Credit: Grant Ellis
“Modern 2” by Sharp Eye with Surftech’s Fusion Poly technology.

Frontside Maneuverability: 6/10
While Tester #1 gave the “Modern 2” 8 points for maneuverability, Tester’s #2 and #3 only gave it average marks in this category. “It’s a board to chill down the line on,” said Tester #2 (5’9”, 130 lbs.), who admitted that she’s partial to the type of drive you get with a more typical thruster. “It’s not really a high-performance board. But, I’ve also never found a fish that I really loved, so maybe it’s just not my type of board.”

Backside Maneuverability: 5.7/10
“This board surprised me, and worked better backside than I thought,” said Tester #1, who gave it a 7 in this category after bashing a couple of lips on back-to-back wedges. Tester #1 said that he generally doesn’t have much luck going backside with twins because he finds them sticky and difficult to redirect quickly, but the modernized tail template of the “Modern 2” and trailer fin were more conducive to backside surfing than your average twinnie.

"Modern 2" by Sharp Eye with Surftech's Fusion Poly technology.
Photo Credit: Grant Ellis
“Modern 2” by Sharp Eye with Surftech’s Fusion Poly technology.

Paddling: 8/10
The majority of “alternative” shapes paddle well, since they’re packed with extra volume to hone in on a different kind of “performance” – namely getting a lot of fun out of a little bit of ocean energy. The “Modern 2” is excels at this, and its paddling scores reflected that as all testers reported catching any wave they wanted with ease. If you’re eying the cams and seeing some gutless, mushy surf awaiting you at your local beachie, the “Modern 2” will help you make those lemons into lemonade.

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