Switchfoot Bro-Am

San Diegan rockers host their annual surf competition for charity

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The crowd swelled on the beach for the seventh installment of the Switchfoot Bro-Am. Photo: Johnson

On Saturday, surfers and fans of the native San Diegan band, Switchfoot, came together at D-Street in Encinitas for the seventh annual Switchfoot Bro-Am presented by Hurley. The event was held to benefit local chapters of Standup for Kids, and featured a unique surf contest as well as a live concert from the Grammy-winning hometown heroes.

The rules of the surf contest were as unorthodox as they were entertaining, as surfers in teams of four—made up of members of the surf industry and pro surfers—had to catch one wave in their regular stance and one in switch stance. Achieving victory over Transworld Surf was Hurley’s A-Team, which showcased some supreme surf prowess in both standard and switch stances.

While competitors battled for top honors in the water, beachgoers were treated to performances by the Silent Comedy, the Romany Rye, the Howls, and a headlining set by Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, and Chad Butler of Switchfoot.

Three-time World Champion Tom Curren made an appearance at the event again this year, acting as a ringer for Team Switchfoot. Although they were still unable to take the win, they put on a great show both in and out of the water for a good cause.

BroAm  _ SwitchfootBrothers2
Three-time World Champion Tom Curren was an ace up the sleeve of Team Switchfoot. Photo: Johnson
BroAm  _ 26
The event included an aquatic jousting contest, and the competition was fierce. Photo: Johnson
Huntington local Brad Ettinger takes it to the lip for Team Hurley. Photo: Johnson
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The event was part surf contest, part rock concert, and all for charity. Photo: Johnson
Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman monkeys around in the shorebreak. Photo: Johnson
Tom Curren lays down a stylish carve for Team Switchfoot. Photo: Johnson
Jousting on a wave in a soaking Gorilla suit will always be surfing's ultimate test. Photo: Johnson
The jousters prepare for battle on the high-seas. Photo: Johnson
Jesse Schluntz, Tom Curren, Jon Foreman, and Jeremy Schluntz are stoked to be competing for the cause.

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