Taj Wins Pipe, Kelly Second, Parko Takes Triple Crown

It wasn’t Pipe at its finest, but nonetheless Taj Burrow took down Kelly in the final today at the Pipe Masters. It was Taj’s first ever win at Pipe. By midday, as the final approached, light winds turned on and closed out most of the slightly overheard barrels that had marked the morning heats, leaving the comp more about progressive turns and airs than anything else. And in conditions like this, Taj shined and pretty much smoked a patient Slater, posting a seven and a high five to Slater’s pair of threes. So after nearly a decade on Tour, Taj becomes a Pipe Master and Slater takes a second.

Other big news included the bittersweet Triple Crown Victory for Joel Parkinson. Most of his mates were wearing victory shirts emblazoned with the words “Yeah Joel.” I’m assuming that the shirts were made with his world title victory in mind, but “Yeah Joel” works just the same. It was a big year on the North Shore for the Aussies between Mick’s world title, Taj’s win at the Pipe Masters, and Parko’s Triple Crown victory.

We’ll be posting a full recap of the day shortly on Surfermag.com.