Surfing Phenom Signs with Retail Giant

Hawaiian Carissa Moore Signs With Target

Department mogul Target made its first strides into the surf world by officially signing one of surfing's most publicized female upstarts, Hawaiian Carissa Moore, to their brand last week. The deal opens up the Minnesota-based company that posted a net income of $2.2 billion in profits in 2008, to the surf industry for the first time. Although the company's entrance to the sport may raise a few of eyebrows, Target has been a player in the action-sports industry for nearly a decade, supporting snowboarding giant Shaun White for eight years.

By signing Moore, who at 16 years old is an 11-time NSSA National champ and is currently leading the WQS, Target is making a relatively understated entrance to the game. The details of Moore's contract have not yet been released.

"We've been looking at Carissa for a few years now...after meeting with her and her family, we feel that she's a perfect fit for our company and represents us well," said Target Lifestyle Manager, Troy Michels. "Right now we're not looking at doing anything but supporting Carissa and making sure that she gets all of the best opportunities out there.

Currently, Target is keeping their role in the surf world low-key, opting to keep their marketing team restrained in the coming years. "We're currently not going to do any advertisements in the magazines or sponsor any events," said Michels.

When asked if Target will be pursuing any other surfers to add to their bulls-eye logo, Michels did not discount the idea but remained adamant that they are currently only supporting Moore. "I can't say if we're going to be sponsoring anyone else or not in the surf industry just yet. But right now, we're putting our support behind Carissa."

Poised to make her debut at the elite level come next year, Moore stated, "I love Target and I am honored to make my relationship with them official. Target opened two stores in Hawaii this year and it's been great to have one so close to home. I'm really excited and am looking forward to working together. I know we'll have a lot of fun."