Top 10 Reasons the Commerce Department Cancelled Public Save Trestles Meeting

The following represents the top ten REALreasons that the Commerce department cancelled the TCA appeal meeting at UCI Bren Center:

#10 – Commerce department members couldn’t afford the gas AND the toll on tollway route 73.

#9 – Union thugs couldn't make the meeting due to annual commemoration of Jimmy Hoffa's Birthday

#8 – Decided to take up Governator’s offer on “Twister” party at the mansion using Gas Tax revenues (you know, the revenue that is supposed to build us new FREEways)

#7 – Bureaucrats couldn’t figure out light rail system

#6 – Hacker found way into TCA Blackberries and posted up crude images of Joe Crimo busting airs at Lowers

#5 – All you can eat rib night at Sizzler

#4 – TCA busy that day designing a bridge through Half-Dome

#3 – Anticipating vicious hangover after Irvine Company “meet and greet."

#2 – Interferes with weekly golf game w/ TCA directors, the Governator, and Exxon Mobil Execs

#1 – Fear of OBAMA-MANIA!!!

Add your own reasons below…