Team Reef Wins 2009 Jim Beam Surf Tag U.S. Series Championship

teddy-navarro_reefsurferCarlsbad’s Team Reef walks away from the Jim Beam Surftag U.S. Series Championships as the Best Surf Team in California . The two day championship finale was filled with great surfing and fierce competition at the pier in Surf City.
Like the contests leading up to the championships, each heat was close and bonus points played a key role for teams advancing through to the finals. Happy Endings, who won two of the three qualifying events , fell short in the Semi’s by three tenths of a point and failed to advance to the championship heat. Team Lost, led by Ryan Simmons , chose the right waves in challenging conditions and put up huge scores to beat Benji Weatherley’s, Man Sandwich team to join the FCS Chargers, Plus One Surfboards, Lost and Team Reef in the final championship heat.
The championship heat was the most intense round thus far in the Jim Beam Surftag U.S. Series as it seemed that Team Reef (who was leading for most of the heat) would not get through their line up and return all five surfers back to shore. With Team Reef fighting the clock, the FCS Chargers and Plus One Surfboards turned it on at the end to grab bonus points, incase Team Reef did not finish. However, Chris Abad, Team Reef’s anchor man, miraculously caught three waves in less than eight minutes and secured the win.
As time expired and the horn blew, the FCS Chargers and Plus One Surfboards were tied for runner-up. Both teams Powerwave scores were tallied up to determined who would claim the second place finish. Unfortunately for the FCS Chargers, they were three tenths of a point short and finished in third place, while Plus One Surfboards were named the official runner-ups.
Coming off a huge win in Oceanside in the last round qualifier, Team Reef’s momentum proved to be the extra push they needed to sweep the championship round. Team Reef concludes their successful series by being crowned the 2009 Jim Beam Surftag U.S. Series Champs. “We prepared and prepped for this event. The Jim Beam Surftag event is awesome…there’s not really anything like it, where you can link up with your good buddy’s and get all rawld up!” – Sean Marceron (Team Reef)
In addition to the $2,000 cash prize, Jim Beam will salute Team Reef with a mobile billboard featuring their names and team photo. The billboard route will focus on the Team Reef’s home town and break.
1st PLACE – Reef
Total Points102- Teddy Navarro 20pts; Sean Marceron 28pts; Chris Waring 17.8pts; Nick Rosza; 17.8pts Chris Abad 16.4pts.
2nd PLACE – Plus One Surfboards
Total Points 85.6 – Lane Harrison 10pts; Shane Valiere 16.5pts; Adam Instone 23.3pts; Rodger Eales 19.8pts; Drew Irons 13pts.
3rd PLACE – FCS Chargers
Total Points 85.6 – Jamie Meistrell 13pts; Kyle Knox 20pts; Ricky Whitlock 13.8pts; Che Stang 23.2 pts; Justin Swartz 11.6pts.
4th PLACE – Lost
Total Points 61.3 – Ryan Simmons 18.6 pts; Jason Miller 17.2 pts; Mike Maurer 6.2pts; Brandon Ragenovich 16.7pts; Chuckilupo 7.1pts.