Were you glued to the internet Saturday? I was not, and apparently I missed out on the must-buy board of the summer.

The Tesla/…Lost collab, a carbon fiber thruster, 6'8" x 20.5" with a rounded pin allowing for "confident navigation in crowded lineups" according to the website, a theory of tail design I've never once considered. It's a Tesla-d up version of the a standard-looking …Lost step-up, with …Lost's Black Dart carbon tech wrapped sexily around the thing.

Asking price? A cool $1,500. Only 200 of the boards were slated for production and they sold out in hours.

By Sunday, hopeful buyers, made aware of the boards through social media whispers and brags, were bereft, credit cards in hand, unable to be part of the very exclusive Tesla boardriders club, comforted hopefully by the staggering amounts of dispensable income one needs to drop $1,500 on a Tesla-branded wallhanger.

Does that describe you, well-heeled reader? If so, take heart. eBay has one! It's gonna cost you a little something extra, of course. $3,999. Johnny Come Latelys are slapped with a whopping 100 percent price hike. If you're going to take a run at the eBay board, please note: Model S, X and 3 can comfortably accommodate this surfboard on either the inside or outside of the vehicle.

Pitch one of these in the back of a Model X, next to your Elon Musk-designed flamethrower, and you'll rule the bizarre streets of Silicon Valley.