April saw the full spectrum of entertaining surf edits, which made the grading and ranking of the best ones more than a tad complicated. Luke Hynd took a trip to Ireland and locked into more than a few frigid death slabs, securing a spot on the list. Tanner Gudauskas, Shane Borland and super-grom Jackson Dorian all made the ranks for the high-performance shows they put on in Waco, Texas. But in the end, it was Leroy Bellet’s stunning footage of Michel Bourez at Teahupo’o that earned the top spot. The full episode of “Chasing the Shot”–wherein Bellet breaks down the horrifying process of getting towed in behind surfers in massive barrels in order to capture unique angles–is worth a watch in its entirety. But in the meantime, check out the top 10 surf clips from the month of March.

#1 Michel Bourez | Teahupo'o, Tahiti

Filmed by Leroy Bellet

#2 Tanner Gudauskas | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Alex Kilauano

#3 Nick von Rupp | Mullaghmore, Ireland

Filmed by Felix Gänsicke

#4 Filipe Toledo | Gold Coast, Australia

Filmed by WSL/Red Bull

#5 Reef Heazlewood | Gold Coast, Australia

Filmed by WSL/Red Bull

#6 Jack Robinson | Northwest Australia

Filmed by Tom Jennings

# 7 Shane Borland | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Ryan Johnson

#8 Griffin Colapinto | Northern California

Filmed by Perry Gershkow

#9 Jackson Dorian | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Shane Dorian

#10 Luke Hynd | Ireland

Filmed by Darcy Ward