Makua Rothman. Photo: Ellis
Makua Rothman. Photo: Ellis

The Eddie Probably Isn’t Happening

Quiksilver, Red Bull, and Aikau family can't agree on terms

If part of the Eddie contest at Waimea’s mystique comes from how rarely the contest is actually held, that mystique is about to get a whole hell of a lot mystique-ier. Last run in 2015-16, the event will almost certainly not happen in 2017-18, either. The Aikau family hasn’t been able to agree on terms with the two-headed sponsorship team of Quiksilver and Red Bull and this week, Quik pulled the plug.

“After long, hard negotiations with the Aikaus, there just wasn’t enough time to put on a proper contest,” Quiksilver’s Glen Moncata told Hawaii News Now. “There’s [sic] a lot of preparations involved, and with the passing of time, we don’t think we can put together a proper contest.”

The Aikau family has apparently not offered any info yet on whether or not they’ve got any plans for the event in the future.

KHON2 news reported that the Aikau family said: "When the family declined to surrender control of the Eddie for five years on the terms Quiksilver was demanding, Quiksilver terminated negotiations."

You may remember that last year, there was a similar bit of tense negotiating and lots of talk about the Eddie being cancelled before the sponsors and the Aikaus shook hands over a last-minute deal.

Could it happen this year? Who knows? It’s the most fun contest to watch, with the natural ampitheater of the cliffs fronting the break, and the horrifying shorebreak gobbling up the beach. A shame if the contest is history.

In the meantime, a women’s-only event at Waimea is in the middle of its waiting period. And the Jaws event’s waiting period fires up in a week.