The Kelly Slater Resolution

Apparently Kelly Slater has caught the eye of the US Congress as a resolution meant to honor him recently passed the House. Led by Hawaiian Congresswoman (D) Mazie Hirono and Florida’s (R) Bill Posey, the pair introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor Slater for his achievements in the sport. In all, 60 house members cosponsored the Kelly Slater Resolution.

"Slater has worked hard to master a sport that so many have tried but so few have actually been able to conquer," said Congressman Posey who represents Slater's home town of Cocoa Beach, FL. "His world championship record is impressive and is certainly worthy of recognition."

"Kelly Slater's skill and achievements have earned him many fans in Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing," said Congresswoman Mazie Hirono. "Two decades after winning his first professional surf contest, we in the islands are proud of our part-time resident as he continues to add to his string of successes out on the waves."