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The Latest Info on Kelly’s Wave Pool Event

Behind the scenes of the freshwater rodeo

You’ve likely heard by this point that the fireworks are about to fly at Kelly’s Surf Ranch on Tuesday, September 19th. If the tunes of all the little songbirds are correct, a hand-picked crop of ‘CTers will light up Lemoore tomorrow for a specialty event, complete with a much-improved right and the brand-new left, offering significantly more variation than what we’ve seen in Kelly’s other edits.

Today, we learned from a source with direct ties to the event that an all-day practice session unfolded today, on Monday, September 18th, giving invitees a chance to get their bearings before putting on the real show tomorrow. The aforementioned details include how the field—divided into pairs, with the exception of a trio in mid-afternoon—exchanged wave time, and which surfers are in the 93245 zip code at the moment.

Here are the details according to our source:

[From a Memo] Please Note: Each surfer will catch eight waves, in four sets of (1) right + (1) left together, alternating with the other surfer during their time slot (Surfer 1 catches a right / left, then Surfer 2 catches a right / left, then Surfer 1 catches a right / left, etc.) Surfers may sit on the ski and step off onto any wave the other surfer falls off on.

8:30 AM – 9:34 AM: Adriano de Souza + Carissa Moore
9:34 AM – 10:38 AM: Johanne Defay + Pauline Ado
10:38 AM – 11:42 AM: Silvana Lima + Filipe Toledo
11:42 AM – 12:46 PM: Ace Buchan + Matt Wilkinson
12:46PM – 2:22 PM: Sage Erickson + Courtney Conlogue + Kanoa Igarashi
2:22 PM – 3:26 PM: Gabriel Medina + Jordy Smith
3:26 PM – 4:30 PM: Steph Gilmore + Tyler Wright
4:30 PM – 5:34 PM: Mick Fanning + John Florence

While we’d all love to watch the event, it unfortunately won’t be live-streamed tomorrow, and we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that Slater and the WSL drop the inevitable internet-breaking edits in short order.

Dentro do meu mundo @mundomit @penrose73 🚘💨

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