At this point, we’ve all seen the Instagram photos of NFL Quarterback Drew Brees tossing a pigskin around with his buddy Kelly Slater mid-wave at the Surf Ranch. Well, now the NFL has released a video of Brees and Slater’s Lemoore rendezvous on their Facebook page in which you can see Brees’ mind more or less explode upon seeing the massive artificial wave facility.

Brees and Slater may seem like a random pairing, but they actually have a few things in common: both have been at the top of their game for what seems like forever, but both have been (or still are) plagued by injury. Remember when Brees blew out his shoulder, got abandoned by the San Diego Chargers and then picked up by  the Hurricane Katrina-torn New Orleans Saints. With both The Big Easy and his shoulder in need of healing, “Hey,let’s do this together” were Brees’ words to the then-flooded city, and heal he did by bringing home a Super Bowl Championship to “N’awlins.” Perhaps Slater’s got an equally impressive comeback in him.

Maybe Brees, between getting nearly concussed by an el rollo’ing SUP, was giving some injury recovery advice to Slater as he repeatedly deals with his glass feet breaking on the cusp of a ‘CT return. In the video, eventually Brees gets on a smaller craft, quickly adapts, and manages to link a wave the whole way through.

Watch Slater go from getting slotted to Brees’ slot receiver all on a single wave in the whole short here.