Bali’s swell last week wasn’t just historic because it produced a viral clip of a boat going over the falls. With a chart reading of 20 feet at 17 seconds, the swell was the largest ever recorded to hit the region.

While the forecast of historic potential caused several thrill-seeking tube hunters to opt for Nias’ hollow rights, there was a handful of surfers that knew just how flooded Lagundri Bay would be and headed for Kandui instead. Although big, the Mentawais’ famously perfect left-tube was shifty and warbled. Watch Nic Von Rupp, Nathan Behl, Craig Anderson, Alex Pendleton, Dom Walsh, Noa Mizuno, Lucas Chumbo and more wrestle with not-so-perfect Kandui in the latest Amp Sessions above.

Nathan Behl was the standout of the session. Relive his breakout video section from July of 2015 here.