Over the course of nearly a decade and a half the Van’s Duct Tape Invitational has grown from an intimate gathering of individualistic longboard stylists to one of the most celebrated events in all of surfdom. The brainchild of Joel Tudor, the Duct Tape’s community oriented ethos and intentional focus on classic surfing aesthetics has reverberated across the known surf world, influencing ensuing generations of surfers from around the globe.

The significance of that enlightenment will be on full display this weekend, as the 16 of the world’s best longboarders–including a half dozen competitors not yet old enough to consume alcohol in the USA–will descend upon the vibrant surf-centric city of Zarautz in the Spanish Basque Country (where the drinking age is 16, BTW) for the 14th iteration of the prestigious contest. DTI newbies Nico Garcia, Levi Prairie, Kai Takayama, Saxon Wilson, and Nathan Sadoun will surf alongside logging luminaries Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, James Parry, Justin Quintal, Harrison Roach and more.

Beginning May 18, the Basque-based convocation will take on a festival atmosphere with arts and music, skate and surf events throughout the weekend. Dane Reynolds, Lee Ann Curren, Tanner Gudauskas, and Knost will be on hand throughout the weekend, presenting their own custom hand shapes to share with the public during the three-day beach festival. All festivities will be open to the public and SURFER Magazine will be on hand, bringing you coverage throughout the weekend. Stay tuned.