Rob Machado's been on a mission lately. Aside from being honored as the Waterman of the Year at this year's Waterman's Ball , Rob's been using his celebrity to raise awareness for various environmental and social causes through his foundation, The Rob Machado Foundation, which recently launched its new website.

The organization's next fundraiser will be the Rob Machado Golf Experience, an awesome day of golfing shenanigans to benefit the Cardiff Education Fund, which helps kids gain a better understanding of their environment.

"The idea is to take a normal, kind of boring day of golf, and turn it into something that is more exciting," says Rob. "We get dressed up and do weird stuff like make players tee-off with baseball bats and tennis rackets. There are whacky games on every hole. It's a blast."

But the great day golfing and goofing-off has serious and positive impact on the both the local schools and the environment.

"We've had great success partnering with the Cardiff Education Fund," says Rob. "The Foundation initiated a whole recycling program for school lunches and now the school produces 25 percent less waste than it used to. We've also implemented 'Ocean Week' which is a week dedicated to learning about and preserving the ocean."

This year's Rob Machado Golf Experience will take place at Lomas Sante Fe Country Club on September 28th, 2009. This fiesta-themed event still has spots available, so log on to and reserve your slot for a good cause.

Rob's environmental crusades have not been limited to educating kids on the importance of the environment, check out his Public Service Announcement about water conservation below: