When wave pools first started popping up left and right, imaginations started running wild with how these artificial machines could enhance high-performance surfing. With a repetitive, controlled environment, aerial specialists would be able to perfect their game — reaching new heights and landing maneuvers that were previously thought to be impossible to nail. Then we started seeing edits from those said aerial masters, landing said boundary-pushing maneuvers in said artificial waves.

This edit, however — the one you see above featuring Blair Conklin, Kalani Robb, Cheyne Magnusson, Johnny Redmond, Tyler Stanaland and a particularly ripping RC Surfer at the new Palm Springs Surf Club — focuses on the wave pool as a fun-generating liquid playground more than anything else. Look no further for proof than the opening minute, wherein Conklin uses a winch to get whipped out into the take-off zone (on a skimboard, no less), ollies over the first wave of the set, rebounds off the second to slot himself straight inside the tube. If that doesn’t look like a fun time, then please explain to me what does.

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