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CLIP OF THE WEEK: My Road to Chile
Surf trips rarely go to plan. Occasionally that’s a blessing in disguise. Nic Von Rupp and crew head to Chile expecting to score its southern points, but a massive storm keeps them out of the water the entire first week of their trip. They adapt, head north, and absolutely score. The dredging left at 1:50 look familiar? It should, it’s where Andy Irons won the 2007 Rip Curl Search event. Generally, I’m of the thinking that a 10 minute clip is about six minutes too long, but this one’s well worth the time.

After The Chorus
This one has all the makings of a cliché (yet very enjoyable) North Shore clip: bikini-clad women and wipeouts mixed with the usual suspects at Pipe. Jamie O’Brien’s barrel at 2:59 and the subsequent montage of John John Florence steal the show.

Teahupoo Carnage
I’ve watched this wipeout compilation 10 times already and still can’t stop. Be prepared to cringe, gasp, and laugh.

Currens in Miyazaki
Well, this is the most unique clip we’ve seen in a while. Father-daughter duo Tom and Lee-Ann Curren surf a typhoon swell in Japan set to quite an avant-garde soundtrack.

Mikala Jones and GoPro footage are quickly becoming synonymous, something we ain’t mad about at all. In this clip, Mikala switches up the angles, giving us new perspectives of how damn shallow and dangerous these reef breaks he toys around on are.

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