This Week In Webclips

Teahupoo Roars, Manmade Waves in the UK, and a Touch of JJF

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Teahupoo Goes Mental
By now, you’ve seen the photos and heard the stories behind the beatings. But this five-minute-long clip still gets our pulse going. Teahupoo, you never fail to scare the living hell out of us.

Habitat Episode 3
The boys from the Valley Isle released the latest installment of their Habitat series this week. In this episode, the focus is all about paddling massive Jaws. It’s their ability to transition from progressive surfing and tweaked airs to pulling into 20 footers that make this crew one of the most adept in surfing.

Owen Wright and Dean Bowen in Tahiti
Teahupoo gets double the love this week. In this edit, Owen Wright and Dean Bowen huck themselves over the Tahitian lip time and again. It’s not the most death-defying Teahupoo we’ve ever seen, but it sure is pretty.

Head High and Manmade
Yes, the water looks cold and brown and, yes, this manmade wave lays firmly in Wales. But we can’t help but think that this is the finest-looking wave man has created yet. The park, known as Surf Snowdonia, opens this weekend.

John John and the Blue Moon
This teaser for John John Florence and Blake Kueny’s new movie, View from the Blue Moon, just went live Friday morning. As has proven to be par for the course for the duo, it looks like an absolute banger. The film won’t drop until this winter, but you can keep updated on the process right over here.