This Week In Webclips

Dane In Morocco, Slater at J-Bay, and Shirrmacher in Munich

Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, and Dillon Perillo set this 13-minute clip from Marine Layer on fire. While the brisk right-hand points that dot the Moroccan coast have been in vogue for some time, we doubt that anyone’s ever surfed the lineups with the same amount of progression as this lot.

Slater at J-Bay
Now that the media buzz over Fanning’s attack has subsided, we can talk about just how good the surf was. In this clip, which showcases Slater and Sean Holmes, we watch as two J-Bay legends show us how the wave is supposed to be surfed.

Finless at J-Bay
Derek Hynd also found the conditions at J-Bay post event to his liking.

River Surfing Done Right
You’ve undoubtedly seen video of Germans surfing the rivers of Munich. But you’ve never seen anyone approach it—or document it–with as much style as Tao Shirrmacher.

French Underground
Joan Duru, Charly Quivront, and Justin Becret get up close and personal in this moody edit. Tight shots and open tubes abound.