This Week In Webclips

LA County Fires, A Hawaiian Heads to Nicaragua, and Brett Barley Chases Hurricanes

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dane Zaun at Home in LA
While the lineups of Los Angeles aren’t held in the highest esteem among most California surfers, this clip of Dane Zaun proves that when the conditions align, LA County can conjure up some diamonds.

Kalani David in Nicaragua
As the North Shore lays fallow, Kalani David managed to keep himself shacked most of the summer by venturing to the beachbreaks of Nicaragua. In this clip, Kalani stylishly threads one tube after another, throwing in the occasional massive air for good measure.

Julian Wilson On A Beater
Ever heard the phrase “It’s the archer, not the arrow” when it comes to surfboard design? Here, Julian Wilson, riding a finless Beater board, proves that if you surf well enough, you can rip on just about anything. And how about that legit punt at the 55-second mark?

Teahupoo Between Heats
Aside from a few mega heats, Teahupoo has yet to deliver for the World Tour. However, before the start of the event, the likes of Slater, John John, Bruno Santos and others found their share of open tubes at the End of the Road.

Brett Barley Chasing Storms
With the peak of hurricane season upon the East Coast, tried and tested storm hunters like North Carolina’s Brett Barley are chomping at the bit. Here, he revisits some of his favorite moments chasing storms over the past half-decade up and down the coast.