This Week In Webclips

Rushing slabs, Ando in black and white, Banting at a beachie, and more

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Russel Bierke Slab Life
When it comes time to push himself over the ledge, Russell Bierke doesn’t think twice. When conditions go grizzly, this 18-year-old Aussie shines. Take the next few minutes to watch this teenage hellman stand tall when the surf turns dark.
Banting and the Beachie
Matt Banting takes on an unsuspecting beachbreak in this edit from the World Tour surfer. While he’s currently nursing an injury, we’re anticipating the moment we see this Australian back in the singlet and displaying more of this progressive approach in the near future.

Craig Anderson, La Dance de Macabre
Desillusion magazine recently teamed up with Ando to produce this moody edit. As we’ve come to expect from Ando, style steals the day here. And that wedge at the 3:30 mark? Hot damn that’s some tasty surfing.

Kyle Galtes at Home
For every surfer you’ve seen spread across the glossy pages of a magazine or plastered upon a homepage, there are a hundred others who, despited being drenched in talent, have never stood in the warm glow of the spotlight. Up until last year, that was Kauai’s Kyle Galtes. In this latest edit, Galtes proves he can keep pace with the best.

Betet in Indo
A quasi-Balinese surf ambassador, Betet Merta is the face that many a foreign pro associate with the progressive surf scene in Bali. Here, we watch as Betet, soaked locks and all, lights up a slough of lineups in Indo.