This Week In Webclips

Tuff Gets Going, Dusty Scores, Kaito Punts, and More!

Noa Deane, Dylan Goodale, and Josh Kerr star in Tuff, a 13-minute grainy edit with a focus on airs that would obliterate the ligaments and cartilage of most men. There’s more progressive surfing than you can shake your stick at, so clear off a 15-minute(ish) block of your weekend and see what it looks like to be at the vanguard of progressive surfing.

Mento Bento
As you’d expect, we take a bit of pride here at SURFER in knowing who’s who in the surf world. When a name that we’re not too familiar with drops a fire-breathing edit like this one from Kaito Kino, we get pretty psyched. In this clip, shot in Honolulu during one of the best summers to date, Kaito punts, carves, and weaves his way into Internet glory.

Jeremy Flores: Māuruuru, Tahiti
After convincingly winning the Billabong Pro Tahiti last week, Jeremy Flores gathered up some footage captured between edits to produce this clip as a way to say thanks (Māuruuru in Tahitian, to be precise) to the island. While there’s the usual left-hand gaping tubes you’d expect look here, there’s also a right-hand drainer that’s sure to leave you salivating.

The Octopus Is Real
What happens when some of the best aerial surfers in the world team up to create a traction pad company? For starters, they manufacture traction pads. And then they drop a massive hype clip like this. Here’s Nate Tyler, Chippa Wilson, and Dion Agius getting weird and having a lot of fun.

All Peaks in the Valley Isle
As you may have heard, this summer has been downright remarkable for surf along Hawaii’s south-facing reefs. Here, we watch as Dusty scores at home on Maui between World Tour events. Who would believe that tube at 1:40 mark wasn’t Macaronis?