This Week In Webclips

Evan Geiselman soars, Matt Meola flips, and the World Tour lights up Lowers

While Evan briefly stepped out of the media’s limelight this year to nurse an ankle injury (’tis the price you play for getting lofty these days) this clip shows that he’s back and surfing just as sharp as ever. Take a moment and ask yourself this question: How refreshing would it be to see him on the World Tour? 

This is Mexico
Once again, the Mexican Pipeline delivers in spades. Koa Smith, Alejo Muniz, Clay Marzo, Oscar Moncada, and Diego Cadena take center stage in this edit from massive Puerto. What a summer it’s been south of the border.

Lowers Warm-Ups
If you haven’t been glued to the webcast, tied to our photo galleries, or chomping at the bit to get Sean Doherty’s analysis of the Hurley Pro, you might have been blind to the fact that Lowers has been absolutely firing for the past week. In this edit, surfing’s upper echelon shows us exactly why they’re at the top of the game.

Peas and Carrots
If there are two surfers who ooze more style than Ryan Callinan and Craig Anderson, we surely haven’t met them. This clip, set to the haunting track of “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac, is enchanting.

Matt Meola, A Hunting Cowboy Hippie Surfer 
There aren’t many professional surfers as unique as Maui’s Matt Meola. Hunter, aerial connoisseur, charger, and innovator, Matt’s forged a career by bushwackin’ his own trail. In this mini bio, we’re given Matt’s backstory, how he rose to prominence in the surfing world, and where he plans on taking his life next.