This Week In Webclips

Big Ups to Lowers, A Trip to Brazil with Noa Deane and Josh Kerr, Mason Ho Hits Up Teahupoo, and More

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Amp Sessions: Lowers
When the World Tour comes to town, we tend to take notice. In this very fine edit from our very own Alex Kilauano, we get to see the world’s best surfers in some very rippable conditions just down the road from SURFER HQ. Highlights include JJF’s massive tweaked-out air at the closing bell and, well, just about everything else. Enjoy.
Mason Ho’s First Trip to Teahupoo
We were a little shocked to hear that the North Shore’s Mason Ho hadn’t been to Teahupoo before. Given his knack for massive, heaving tubes and the relative proximity to Tahiti, we assumed that the duo had danced many times before. Alas, we were wrong. In this clip, Mason heads to Tahiti for the first time and tackles some decidedly sketchy tubes. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see Mason at the End of the Road.

Who Is JOB Season Finale
In the final installment of the Who Is JOB series, we take a look back at the highs and lows, the bruises and the tubes. Miraculously, Poopies survived the series. Who knows where they’ll take it next, but we’re sure whatever JOB and his team do, it’ll be entertaining.

Let the Drooling Begin
If the above footage has you ready to book a ticket to _______ (we probs shouldn’t spill the beans) don’t waste your time. Yes, it’s perfect but the trouble is, this point seldom breaks, and when it does, there’s a crew of die-hard locals chomping at the bit. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dream. And about that burn at the :24 mark?

Our Kind of Brazil
Noa Deane and Josh Kerr recently spent some time in Brazil together where they relished in the country’s culture and its warm-water beachbreaks. As you would come to expect, the surfing is progressive and the airs are oh-so tweaked.