This Week In Webclips

Albee Layer's massive week, shreddin' in the Spice Islands, and one hip Chip

Albee Layer continues to impress. Just a few days removed from winning the Surf Snowdonia event in Wales, he posted the latest installment of his Habitat series. Once again, the edit is nothing short of mesmerizing. Albee’s opening act—the big fire drops with a judo air to full whip at 3:17—is one of the best cuts we’ve seen all year. The clip also features Dege O’Connell and Kai Barger, who also put on a hell of show.

Chippa Wilson: Cold
Vintage bikes, black boards, and massive airs. Chippa Wilison should be a Tumblr sensation. There are few surfers out there who can continuously stomp the most progressive airs with as much bravado and style as Chippa. This clip is full cream and should be studied by anyone who appreciates progressive surfing (How good would it have been to see him at Lowers?).

Beyrick De Vries
South Africa has a new rising star and his name is Beyrick. We’ve actually been wise to Beyrick’s potential for some time, but as of late, the young Zaffa has really come into his own. Watch the clip above for the proof that the African grip on surfing isn’t solely reserved for Jordy.

Alejo Muniz: Reach for the Sky
Although we may not see Alejo in a jersey as much as we’d like, this clip shows that his surfing is as razor sharp and powerful as ever. With this kind of approach, it won’t be long until we see him back on tour.

Spice Islands
It’s easy to be fans of the Smith Brothers. Easy going, funny, and they straight-out destroy lineups. That’s why we’re continuously chomping at the bit for them to release another edit. And this week, with Spice Islands, they dropped a banger. Compiled over the course of many months, this could be the finest cut we’ve seen from them yet.