This Week in Webclips

A curated list of the best surf webclips on the Internet

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Early Winter
While relaxing at home during the World Tour off season, John John Florence has been busy, surfing all over the North Shore. The waves may not mimic the opening leg of the Tour, but it’s clear that he is well prepared for the season opener at Snapper. The playful right at 0:38 where a random burns him then he proceeds to surf around the dude as if he’s playing Kelly Slater Pro Surfer is a definite highlight.

11 A.M. Dawn Patrol
The Metal Neck band got back together for what is said to be the first of a series of webisodes. Creed McTaggart steals the show in rippable Seal Beach wedges despite what appears to be a heavy hangover.

We Live Hawaii
The best of Team Fox’s winter on the North Shore. It was well spent, to say the least.

Oli Adams in Ireland
Due to the popularity of Mullaghmore, Ireland has gained a reputation as a place for massive slabs, not rippable pointbreaks. Oli Adams proves otherwise.

Fanning’s Four Waves
A consistent year came down to two heats at Pipeline for Mick Fanning. Kelly Slater, playing catch up at the last event of the his up-and-down year, was on course to win the Pipe Masters and the World Title unless Fanning made the Semifinals. The result seems like a distant memory now that Snapper is only a couple weeks away, but this clip gives the behind the scenes story of one of the most dramatic finishes in ASP World Tour history.