This Week in Webclips

A curated list of the best surf webclips on the Internet

An aptly titled clip from a guy Kelly Slater once claimed to be the best unsponsored surfer in the world. Nick Rozsa, now sponsored and regularly putting out A+ clips, connects his maneuvers with so much style and flair that it’s hard not to get amped to surf watching him.

Wind Driven
Just when you thought POV barrels were becoming passé. Who am I kidding? That day will never come, especially if Brett Barley (and a slew of others) continue putting out edits like this.

7 mutnemom
Mason Ho approaches every wave with no clear plan and because of that he is easily one of the most fun surfers to watch. After seeing him surf, you can’t help but feel like most surfers are too predictable.

Another Hawaiian that seems to be having more fun than anyone else in the lineup, Seabass has the full repertoire to make a solid push on the World Tour this year. He’s easygoing, but can still pull into bigger barrels than just about anyone else on Tour. And somehow, someway, he makes double-grab airs not look that bad; relatively speaking.

Griffin Colapinto is well on his way to becoming San Clemente’s next great hope. He’s stylish, level headed, and quickly becoming well-traveled. Expect big things from him in the coming years.